After-Hours and Pre-Market Earnings (Sept. 03)

Look for the following companies to release earnings after the close today – Thursday Sept. 03:

  • Arc Sight, Inc. (NASDAQ:ARST) – Market Cap $656 Million
  • Krispy Kreme (NYSE:KKD) – Market Cap $212 M
  • The Cooper Companies (NYSE:COO) – Market Cap $1.19 Billion
  • Esterline Technologies Corp. (NYSE:ESL) – Market Cap $903 M
  • G-III Apparel Group (NASDAQ:GIII) – Market Cap $251 M
  • Cascade Corp. (NASDAQ:CASC) – Market Cap $259 M
  • Quiksilver Inc. (NYSE:ZQK) – Market Cap $329 M
  • Shanda Interactive (NASDAQ:SNDA) – Market Cap $3.4 B
  • (NASDAQ:TSCM) – Market Cap $73 M
  • Ulta Salon (NASDAQ:ULTA) – Market Cap $699 M

Look for the following companies to report before the market opens tomorrowFriday Sept. 04:

  • H & R Block (NYSE:HRB) – Market Cap $5.52 B
  • Wimm-Bill-Dann Foods OJSC (NYSE:WBD) – Market Cap $2.49 B
  • ATA, Inc. (NASDAQ:ATAI) – Market Cap $156 M

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