Apple (AAPL) Preparing to Launch a 128GB iPad, Report Claims

Apple (AAPL) may be planning to release a new fourth-generation iPad with as much as 128 gigabytes [GB] of flash memory storage, 9to5Mac reports citing a source at a well-known US retailer.

The upcoming version is described as a ‘premium SKU’ (stock keeping unity) that will join Apple’s current line of iPads.

Apple internally calls its 16GB, 32GB and 64GB iPad configurations “good,” “better” and “best,” while this new model is referred to as “ultimate,” which suggests it will come with 128GB of memory. The upgrade, which is worth emphasizing would be an additional 4th-gen iPad, not an updated or refreshed version of the popular tablet, will come in both black and white, as well as Wi-Fi-only and Wi-Fi+cellular combinations. 9to5mac notes that it’s “not confident enough” to outright claim that the new version of the 4th-generation iPad is the 128GB model, but “seems likely, based on the evidence”.

Over the weekend, iOS developers spotted apparent references to 128GB iOS devices in iOS 6.1 beta 5 code that began making its way to devs on Saturday.

9to5Mac said they didn’t have any pricing or launch date information.

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