Gasparino: Goldman Sachs Facebook Partnership ‘Not a done Deal’

Charlie Gasparino reports that the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) is “under tremendous pressure to scrutinize this Goldman Sachs (GS) Facebook deal.” Gasparino said that there is “50/50 chance this thing could get nixed” and in the event it does pass, the SEC will “aim to make this the last deal of its time.”

Here are the key highlights from the report, courtesy of Fox Business Network:

On Goldman Sachs’ investment in Facebook:
“The SEC is telling sources close to FOX Business Network that they are under tremendous pressure to scrutinize this Goldman Sachs Facebook deal. What they are telling people is that this is not a done deal. Despite everything you are reading the paper, they haven’t given their blessing. The reason is that rule that allows you to become a public company or stay private, and Goldman Sachs in doing this deal and putting its own investors, it’s looking to put about 400 investors  could be going up against the line. While a lot of people say its legal, There is a 50/50 chance this thing could get nixed. If they don’t nix this deal, they are going to do some rules in the future that could nix future deals. Even if it does go through, the SEC is going to clarify this public/private thing and how many investors you can put in there. From what I understand, they aim to make this the last deal of its time.”

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