BlackBerry Email Services Goes Down; Outage Widespread

Blackberry users are reporting an outage today across North and South America. It appears the BlackBerry Internet Service that affects e-mail for every BlackBerry, is unresponsive.

Needless to say, for some companies that rely on the service it’s been a nightmare of a day so far. And judging from user message board posts, possibly millions of subscribers who rely on the service for work purposes are being affected. Over at BGR, they state that up to 80% of BlackBerry users have been affected by the problem, and it is not just targeting specific carriers either.

BlackBerry creator Research In Motion (RIMM) confirmed reports that BlackBerry customers in North America, including users of Verizon (VZ) BlackBerry Internet Service, “may be currently experiencing delays receiving email.”

RIM, a co. with 32 million subscribers worldwide, said that besides BlackBerry’s e-mail service currently interrupted, some companies, like Selig Multimedia, Inc. based in Tampa, haven’t received an email on its BlackBerry phones since the middle of the night.

Selig says the BlackBerry outages is affecting every one of its employees that uses a BlackBerry.

The Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM, who competes head to head with Apple’s (AAPL) iPhone, told that its specialists are working on the problem.

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