Larry Kudlow Tells Tiger Woods to Fess Up

Interest in Tiger Woods’ personal life, particularly in the wake of tabloid allegations of infidelity, has spiked since his car accident early Friday morning.  As you might expect the media is all over the story using the golfer’s private life to create news they can report on.  In an open letter to Woods, CNBC’s Larry Kudlow does what most journalists should do. Instead of further scrutinizing the man’s marital strife, Kudlow offers advise on how Tiger should put all rumors to rest by fessing up and telling all the truth.

CNBC: “How you got your face scratched and wound up on the side of the road is still a mystery.
[M]y friend, stonewalling, when even whispers of  marital infidelity are involved, just doesn’t pay.

South Carolina governor Mark Sanford tried stonewalling, but it didn’t work out too well for him. His career is now finished. Another bad case is that of former North Carolina senator and unsuccessful presidential candidate John Edwards. He really had a bad time of it, with the tabloids literally chasing him into the bathroom. His career is finished, too. On the other hand, Nevada senator John Ensign did fess up — about one half step ahead of the tabloids — and he may well live to see another reelection day.

And then there’s Bill Clinton, who stonewalled about his affair with Monica Lewinsky. Woaaah! That caused one heck of a blow up, including impeachment proceedings in the House. Remember when he said that it “depends on what the meaning of the word ‘is’ is”? This was the worldwide sex-cover-up stonewalling attempt to end all marital-infidelity sex-cover-up stonewalling attempts.

Tiger, you don’t want to go there.

That could be you. There are lessons to be learned about coming clean as fast as possible.”

Separately: Tiger seems to have more than Rachel Uchitel rumors to worry about. Now a second woman, 24-year old Jaimee Grubbs, claims to have had an affair with him.

USWeekly: “A Los Angeles cocktail waitress tells the new Us Weekly (on newsstands Wednesday) that she had a steamy 31-month fling with Tiger Woods and has a voicemail recording and text messages to prove it.

Jaimee Grubbs, now 24, tells Us Weekly she began having an affair with Woods, 33, in April 2007.

She tells Us Weekly they went on to have 20 sexual encounters.

Grubbs, who recently appeared on VH1’s Tool Academy, also tells Us Weekly she has photos, as well as more than 300 racy texts from Woods, who wed model Elin Nordegren in 2004.”

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2 Comments on Larry Kudlow Tells Tiger Woods to Fess Up

  1. Taking any advice on anything from Larry Kudlow is beyond absurd. The man is a train wreck and a personification of everything that is wrong with CNBC. What little he know about business, he now extends to the world of celebrity scandal. His ignorance knows no bounds.

  2. Tiger Woods is truly a human becoming that screwed up. The media and a portion of the public act like his loved ones and he should say “I’m Sorry”. The media has the nerve to become mad because they can?t ask questions. This guy does not owe me or anyone else an apology. A journalist friend of mine said its his job to ask questions but Tiger is not obliged to answer them. Tiger can?t win either way. Very first everyone was mad simply because he said nothing. Now they are mad because he is producing a statement. What a mess we weave in the judging company.

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