Global Asset Class Performance Chart (Nov 23 – Nov 27)

Here is a graphical look at how different investments, from REIT shares to crude oil, fared last week.

If one of your primary objectives is to produce positive investment returns while having a low probability of incurring losses in a reasonable time frame, then gold, which is often bought as a hedge against impending inflation and also renowned for its ability to provide a safe haven in times of financial instability, is the asset class of the moment. As you can see from the chart above, the yellow metal is this week’s top performer ; printing 2.4% in positive returns. On a year/year basis gold is up nearly 44%, followed by bonds, commodity futs, junks, and S&P: 0.7%,0.3%,0.3%, and 0.01%, respectively.

REITs, EMs and Oil ranked as the list’s worst performers.

Graph: WSJ

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