Bill Griffeth Taking A Leave From CNBC

Award winning and longtime CNBC anchor Bill Griffeth, a steady star in the business news galaxy and part of the team that started the Financial News Network in 1981, is taking a leave of absence from CNBC for the next year.

Typically when one of the most respected financial journalists in the country makes such a move there’s all sorts of speculation as to why. Well, here’s a message from Bill to put those rumors to rest:

“First let me address all of the conspiracy theories: I’m not sick, I’m not being pushed out, and I’m not going on Dancing With The Stars. It’s pretty straightforward. My wife and I are new empty-nesters, so after 28 years of doing business on TV now seems like a good time to take a break, do some traveling, work on a couple of book projects, and shave strokes off of my golf handicap. I will probably turn up on the air.” [CNBC]

Bill’s last day is Wednesday, Nov. 25.

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2 Comments on Bill Griffeth Taking A Leave From CNBC

  1. The best of luck to you Bill. I’m sure you’ll take your elegance and intellect and go far! Enjoy the time off, but not too much. We’re counting on seeing you again in a year. Happy Trails.

  2. Bill,
    I have always thought you were the best-dressed person on TV. Enjoyed watching you on the Nightly Business Report.
    It is a shame that program ended. Enjoy your retirement.

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