BTC May Shatter Massive Price Record If History Repeats Itself


The well known X account “Bitcoin Archive”, which focuses on all aspects of BTC including its value, has given a Bitcoin price prediction that aligns with the views of many Bitcoin bulls including that of Cathy Wood.

The account has stated its belief that there is a significant probability of the flagship cryptocurrency attaining an astonishing level of $220,000 and potentially exceeding this within the next 18 months.

“Bitcoin Archive” shared an image of a Bitcoin graph, illustrating the impressive rise in BTC price following each of the three halvings experienced by the crypto community to date. The most recent halving took place in 2020.

Historically, the value of BTC has experienced substantial increases following each halving event. After the initial halving, the price of BTC spiked 94 times to reach $800, while the second halving saw a 30-fold rise, taking it to $11,000.

The most recent, which was the third halving, resulted in Bitcoin’s price surging six times to reach the $69,000 mark.

If this trend continues and the price inflates by six times once more, Bitcoin could potentially surpass the $220,000 benchmark, as stated by the Bitcoin-focused account. However, many experts attribute Bitcoin’s achievement of the $69,000 all-time high to the incessant money printing undertaken by the Fed since 2020, aimed at bolstering the US economy amidst the pandemic.

At last check, Bitcoin was trading just above the $37K level. If it were to experience a sixfold increase from this point, the value of each Bitcoin could potentially print above $222K.

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