Facebook (FB) Short Interest Surges 15%

Recent short interest data for the 3/13/2015 settlement date shows an increase in short interest for shares of Facebook, Inc. (FB). As of March 13, the short interest for the social network service provider totaled 33,187,033 shares, as compared to 28,854,444 shares since February 27, a jump of 15%. Average daily volume [AVM] for the same period fell by 7,257,378 to 21,761,391 shares from 29,018,769 shares. It is worth mentioning that ticker’s short interest has jumped by more than 3.3 million shares, or about 14%, from the 1/15/2015 settlement date.

Based on the latest AVM, the days-to-cover ratio — a metric that includes both the total shares short and the average daily volume of shares traded — is currently 1.53 days. Days-to-cover for FB increased to 1.53 for the March 13 settlement date, as compared to 1.00 days at the February 27 report.

Facebook, Inc. has a beta of 0.78 and a short float of 1.63%. In the past 52 weeks, shares of Menlo Park, California-based company have traded between a low of $54.66 and a high of $86.07 and are now at $83.73. Shares are up 33.09% year-over-year and 9.34% year-to-date.

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