Apple (AAPL) Stock: The Case for Up

By Jan 2, 2013, 2:12 PM Author's Blog  

With the VIX at lows, and central banks across the globe printing money at breakneck pace, it seems a great time to be long equities. Not that I think this is good for the long run, but for at least a couple years this should be great for equities.

Specifically, Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) has decline 25% from its peak in September, probably due to investors with large gains taking their capital gains before 2013 when such capital gains rates will go up.

Apple (AAPL) Stock: The Case for Up

Given so many interest groups have an interest in asset prices rising, and the central banks across the world have this as their priority, I think once banks get some of their final legacy lawsuits off their backs they will start lending again, M2 will explode, and prices will rise. First in assets.

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SPY212.46  chart-0.24  chart -0.11%
GOOG539.78  chart-0.01  chart -0.00%
AAPL131.78  chart-0.26  chart -0.20%
TSLA251.45  chart+4.02  chart +1.62%
TWTR36.83  chart+0.42  chart +1.15%
BBRY10.03  chart-0.08  chart -0.79%
NFLX626.55  chart-2.45  chart -0.39%
FB80.145  chart-0.405  chart -0.50%

Nikkei20596.09  chart+44.63  chart +0.22%
UK7040.92  chart+7.59  chart +0.11%
France5137.83  chart-44.70  chart -0.87%
Germany11677.57  chart-93.56  chart -0.79%

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