Online Paid Search Spending to Reach $24 Bln by 2013

A new report from eMarketer provides an optimistic outlook on online paid search spending, which like modern finance continues to be the most critical financial internet-component. The report points out that despite a softening economy and turmoil in some other ad media, near future of online ad spending in the U.S. continues to look good.

eMarketer predicts that as more and more advertisers shift their budgets from traditional media to the Internet, paid search spending will not only rise in fiscal 2009, but double between 2009 and 2013. Furthermore, the media research agency says that as internet continues to benefit from significant changes in the telecom space, and as people move towards digital platforms, spending on paid search by 2013 will approach $24 billion.

Ad Spending Table

According to a Marin Software-sponsored study, a company that sells paid search management applications, eight out of 10 marketers who spent at least $50,000 per month on paid search said they planned to maintain or increase their spending during the next four quarters.

More than 90% of the big spenders note the reports, said they would spend as much as 22% more if they had better campaign management tools.

The migration of consumers from ad-supported media, such as broadcast TV and newspapers, to digital alternatives for news, information and entertainment – continues.

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