About Katarina Juselius

Affiliation: University of Copenhagen

Katarina Juselius Ph.D. is a professor at the Institute of Economics, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Professor Juselius obtained her Ph.D. from the Swedish School of Economics, Helsinki in 1983. In 1985 she became Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen and in 1996 she was appointed the Chair of Macroeconometrics.

She has published extensively on the methodology of Cointegrated VAR Models with applications to Monetary Transmission Mechanisms, Policy Control Rules, Price Linkages, Wage, Price, and Unemployment Dynamics. She has been the leader of numerous research projects, and has been on the editorial boards of the International Journal of Forecasting, the Journal of Business and Economic Statistics, and is presently serving the Journal of Economic Methodology.

In 1995-98 she was a member of the Danish Social Sciences Research Council and is presently a member of the EUROCORES committee at the European Science Foundation.

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