New IDC Research Data Promising for Apple’s (AAPL) Stock

A recent report from IDC research shows that while electronics giant Samsung remains the leader when it comes to mobile device shipments, Apple (AAPL) continues to gain far more than its stock price (last September, AAPL peaked at $705 ; since then, the ticker has been in freefall, shedding more than $250, or 39 percent, in value) currently reflects.

The iPhone maker significantly increased its share in the global market for connected devices in the last quarter of 2012, as the iPhone 5 and iPad mini combination brought Cupertino up to 20.3% unit shipment share versus 21.2% for Samsung. Apple also remains well ahead of its rival in terms of revenue share, capturing 30.7% share versus 20.4% share for Samsung.

The story however, doesn’t end there. In the following video, Motley Fool’s Tim Beyers explains why ‘price’ could become a problematic factor for Apple, as the smart connected device space continues to grow in the price-sensitive emerging markets.

Full Beyers clip:

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