Apple (AAPL) vs Google (GOOG), It’s On

The next great heavyweight prize fight is here. This time it is not Muhammad Ali vs. George Frazier, it is the tech heavyweight Apple Inc (NASDAQ:AAPL) against internet giant Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG). This face off should not be billed as the ‘Thriller in Manilla’ it should be billed the Battle for Silicon Valley. These two massive technology companies are now direct competitors in many areas of the market and the battle is growing.

Apple Inc recently announced that they will leave the popular application out of the new iphone 5. This is really the beginning of Apple Inc drawing first blood. They are now making it known that they are viewing Google Inc as a direct competitor. Apple Inc has already conquered companies such as Research In Motion LTD (NASDAQ:RIMM), and Nokia Corp (NYSE:NOK). These two cell phone makers are now almost extinct due to the Apple i-phone and Google Inc Android smart phone success.

Apple Inc has a huge following and is growing in popularity everyday, this cannot be disputed. On the other hand, Google dominates internet search and the Android operating system is also extremely popular. The Google dominance over the internet cannot be argued right now, and this is going to be a huge factor for them in the future when it comes to growth and revenue.

Earlier today, Apple also said that they would be entering the internet radio business. This news sent the stock of Pandora Media Inc (NYSE:P) lower by 18.0 percent. Will they become another victim to the Apple success formula to reinvent a business? Many people can make a case that Apple Inc single handedly ruined the stock price of the one time dominant Sony Corp (NYSE:SNE). It is safe to say when Apple Inc enters a business it does not taking any prisoners.

There is certainly room at the top for Google and Apple at this time. The demand and growth appetite is still there for both technology giants, however at some point they will begin to eat each other’s lunch. Today, Google Inc stock is trading higher by $9.11 to $708.51 a share. The stock is nearing short term overbought levels on the charts so a pullback cannot be ruled out over the next week. The up-trend for Google stocks is still firmly intact and the stock could test its all-time high at some point in the future which is $747.00 a share last made in 2007.

Apple Inc stock is trading higher today by $3.35 to $679.63 a share. This stock continues to grind higher nearly every trading session. It is undoubtedly the most loved stock by the investing public which could be a little bit of a warning sign. The stock has also moved higher on light volume which could be problematic in the future. Despite those small negatives the stock remains in a confirmed uptrend by trading above all of the major daily chart moving averages.

Is there room for these two technology heavyweights? Who will be the dominant company over the coming year? Here is the way I view it, do these stocks give us a chance to trade them and make money? The answer is yes, and they will for years to come whether they rise or decline. Follow the charts and trade them accordingly.

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8 Comments on Apple (AAPL) vs Google (GOOG), It’s On

  1. “Apple Inc has a huge following and is growing in popularity everyday, this cannot be disputed. On the other hand, Google dominates internet search and the Android operating system is also extremely popular.”

    Latest market share figures show that Android massively dominates over ios with nearly double its total market share. This cannot be disputed

  2. Quite right that android os dominates the market. Latest market share of smart phones I saw was edging up on 70%! Apple depends way too much on the iPhone.

    • with Google’s Android holding a 63% share vs Apple’s iPhone at a 17% share, I’d say Apple has a LOOONG Road ahead to stay relevant in the Smartphone arena.

  3. With the changes made by Apple in the new iOS, Google Will get less revenue from Apple
    More then 50% of all Google maps requests came from an iOS device, plus, the license For the use of Google maps is now gone to, so Google Will loose That money to
    More then 70% of all YouTube video’s are viewed on an iOS device
    So YouTube Will loose alot of popularity
    And 50% of all video’s uploaded are comming directely from an iOS device

    Android runs on alot of devices, but alot of them are non-Apps machines
    Like internet radio, gps….
    And the fact That android has alot of devices sold is allso due to the fact That most populaire android phones are low-quality models That break after 6-8 months
    So users Buy a new one

    And last but not least, look at the tablet market, Android sells allmost no tablets
    School ask students to Buy iPad For school, not android devices

    So im waiting to Buy any stocks untill january
    Then we know more on the evolution of this

  4. Googles main source of revenue is and has always been search. So apple leave out YouTube (there will be an app later) users will still use the mobile site. Likewise most of Googles other areas. Amazon haven’t even left the USA with their devices, and to suggest a lot of Android enabled devices have no Internet access is frankly ludicrous. At LEAST 80% of Android devices are phones. To suggest they are cheap and break is snobbish nonsense. Most broken devices I see are the fragile glass Iphones, who shift new units to upgrade existing customers, but have a hard time expanding their market share to the levels of Android (nearly double that of iphone). Iphone 5 just had a lukewarm launch and still doesn’t pack the tech their own fans were hoping for, and the most popular androids (galaxy s3 for example) already have. Apple are lagging behind, but then that’s not surprising when they put more $$$s into lawyers fees than R&D?

    • I totally agree, this is very true. People are very emotional in these IOS vs Android. But numbers always speak the objective truth. And for the moment, the numbers give Android a significant advantage of market share and technology. Apple makes money because they sell their technology at incredible profit margins. In short, Apple fans basically pay exhorbitant prices for the prestige of the name, not the value of the product. More expensive does not always mean better and in that case it only means less value for the client’s money.

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