Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE:JNPR) is forming a small ascending triangle with resistance at $22.20. If resistance is broken, we could see a move towards $25. But a volume of above 11M is needed for a good break out.

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MELA Sciences, Inc.(NASDAQ:MELA) – Keeping on watchlist as there seems to be good support below us ( 200 SMA ). FDA pending news might come out any days from now. Could make a huge move to the upside.

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Novatel Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVTL) appears to have run out of sellers at current levels. The near-term outlook appears positive. A close above $3.65 would confirm the positive outlook and could push the stock to the target zone of $4.19.

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I’m going to keep following this stock because it has a fantastic risk/reward $325M in cash or a free cash flow per share of $6.38 and no debt….. Keep an eye on FormFactor (FORM) for a possible breakout over $7.60. The RSI and Stochastics also indicates existence of strength.

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Break Out The Champagne Folks !! The stock has climbed 30% over the last 2 days, since my call on Friday. I believe it has more volume, liquidity and price appreciation to come in the near-term. Technically speaking, many of Gulf Resources (GURE) indicators are looking even stronger, so keep watching GURE trade !

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