CNBC’s Dennis Kneale Continues His Battle with the Blogs

Dennis Kneale was out for the bloggers again last night and I must admit I’m beginning to move to his side. This is becoming a case of the blogosphere making a collective ass of itself. If you’re not familiar with the story here are the Cliff Notes.

Kneale is a CNBC talking head and has his own show at the end of the day. He’s mediocre, somewhat conservative and not nearly as obnoxious as either Kudlow or Kramer but he’s no Mark Haynes. Last week he started beating the drums for “green shoots” and some bloggers took him on. So far so good.

Kneale responded with his side of the story and then started more or less trashing bloggers, particularly those that use aliases. It was entertainment and more or less done as such. Unfortunately, some bloggers can’t differentiate.

Last night Kneale went after the bloggers again as it started getting rough in some of the comments on the blogs. You know the usual speed limit IQ guys talking about sexual preferences and going downhill from there. Harmless enough but one of the bloggers stepped over the line and published Kneale’s home address. Of course, the cretin didn’t have the guts to use his own name. Kneale was understandably pissed and I have to say I don’t blame him.

A lot of this is what the blogosphere is all about but there need to be limits. Authors need to exercise some judgement moderating comments on their site and especially need to avoid doing anything that might put another’s life in peril — like publishing an address.

While I’m at it let me echo Kneale’s comments with regards to anonymous bloggers. Frankly, if you haven’t got the cajones to put your name on your work, I can’t take you seriously. I don’t buy the argument that some bloggers have to remain anonymous because they might endanger their job. Anyone that’s taking a paycheck from someone and then turning around and expressing views that were they known would result in their dismissal is a weak sister. Take the man’s money and shut up or speak up and take the consequences.

Personally, I think most of the anonymous authors in the blogosphere are a bunch of highly literate high schoolers who are having a very big laugh at our expense. I constantly marvel at how much content these supposedly incredibly important hedge fund traders and investment bankers turn out. They all seem to be such angry people, yet they have to be making a fortune based on their profiles.

So, Mr. Kneale, thanks for the material for a post and good luck. You’re not the best on the network but given the competition I think you have a good chance of winning this argument.

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