NYSE Issues Correction on the PT-Data Program

The NYSE Euronext (NYX) released Tuesday a program-trading  purchases and sales correction for its July 2 lapse in reporting  Goldman Sachs’ (GS) program trading numbers.

From the NYSE:

The New York Stock Exchange today issued a correction of the program-trading-data press release issued on Thursday, July 2, 2009.  Due to an NYSE system error, Goldman, Sachs & Co. was inadvertently omitted from the chart of most active firms, but the firm’s program activity was included in the total level of programs as a percentage of NYSE volume, which remains unchanged at 48.6 percent.  Certain of the other data are revised on the press release below, and on the attached chart, incorporating the omitted data as well as subsequent minor corrections relating to other firms.

The data indicated that during June 22-26, program trading amounted to 48.6 percent of NYSE average daily volume of 3,449.8 million shares1, or 1,675.7 million program shares traded per day (Revised from 1,678.3 million program shares traded per day).

Program trading encompasses a wide range of portfolio-trading strategies involving the purchase or sale of a basket of at least 15 stocks.

In all markets, program trading by member firms averaged 4,896.3 million shares a day during June 22-26 (Revised from 4,898.9 million shares a day).  About 34.2 percent of program trading took place on the NYSE (Revised from 34.3 percent of program trading), 0.3 percent in non-U.S. markets and 65.5 percent in other domestic markets, including Nasdaq, NYSE Amex and regional markets.

The NYSE publishes figures on PT of its member firms once a week.

The corrected PT report »

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