Tender Offer Being Discussed by Officials at Nasdaq and ICE: Report

FBN’s Charlie Gasparino reports that “a tender offer is now being discussed” by officials at NASDAQ (NDAQ) and the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) for the New York Stock Exchange (NYX) and that the offer is likely to happen “after the Thursday board meeting” of the NYSE. Excerpt from the report ; courtesy of FOX Business Network.

On the tender offer being discussed between NASDAQ and ICE:
“Sources tell the FOX Business Network that a tender offer is now being discussed by officials at NASDAQ and ICE. That’s when you go right to the shareholders, as Bob Greifeld and Jeffrey Sprecher of the ICE might do, and say here is our bid, we’re appealing to you to take our offer or not. Sources close to the NASDAQ tell us the tender offer is likely after the Thursday board meeting. There’s lots of speculation that Bob Greifeld will do something dramatic before this Thursday NYSE meeting where the NYSE is going to be talking about its future, its deal with the Deutsche Börse and obviously the rival bid by the Nasdaq is going to come up. We know that the NYSE is preparing for a lot of shareholder criticism at this meeting because a lot of shareholders obviously want the NYSE to at least consider the 20% higher bid by the NASDAQ, even though there are lots of caveats and antitrust concerns.”

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