Barron’s Stock Mentions to Watch (March 21)

Notable weekend headline’s

AT&T (T) – To Buy T-Mobile USA for $39 Billion (Watching T pre market – story broke Sunday PM)

American International Group Inc. (AIG) – Sees $1 Billion in Losses From Disasters (Story out late Friday night)

Barron’s Cover Story:

Invest in Japan – Among the most attractive are a raft of powerhouse brands: Sony (SNE) and Canon Toyota Motor (TM) and Nissan (CAJ); (NSANY)

Barron’s Notables Stories:

Endo Pharmaceuticals (ENDP) – Weekday Trader: Pushing Past Pain Pills – Endo is valued as if it lacks growth prospects.

Supervalue (SVU) – Time To Load Up The Cart – Now, however, Supervalu (ticker: SVU) may finally live up to its name.

Copper Still Carries Electricity (Watching FCX Monday AM) – Prices for the metal are down, but the disaster in Japan makes heightened demand very likely. Tracking a buying opportunity.The recent decline in the price of copper makes the metal an attractive asset for both short- and long-term investors.

(Tim’s Highlights are in bold & bold italics).

By: Timothy Kelleher

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