Barron’s Stock Mentions to Watch: ICO, PG, WLP, XTA

International Coal Group (ICO)
Barron’s(2/28) Sizing Up Small Caps: International Coal’s Prospects Burn Bright Coal stocks are on fire, and the trends stoking the flames — higher coal prices and lively merger-and-acquisition activity in the industry — could last for a while. That’s good news for miners such as International Coal Group (ticker: ICO)

Proctor & Gamble (PG)
Emerging markets could be its salvation. And though P&G has come late to the global game, it sees lots of growing room in faraway places.

Wellpoint (WLP)
Barron’s(2/28) Speaking Of Dividends: WellPoint’s Booster Shot
The new dividends could help to reassure investors as the companies grapple with Uncle Sam’s still-unfolding and massive health-care overhaul.

Xstrata (XTA)
Anglo-Swiss mining company Xstrata, little known in the U.S., should tap into rising volumes in thermal coal and copper. Growth potential that’s well worth a look.

By: Timothy Kelleher

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