Ruth Madoff Reduced to Riding the Subway

Ruth Madoof, the millionaire wife of Bernard Madoff, is seen here riding the F train beneath an ad promoting a 99/c cellphone bargain. She angrily told the NYPost photographer: “Are you having fun embarrassing me — and ruining my life?”  Being seen on the subways (for high class people) is about the lowest you can get in NY.

Ruth has not been charged in connection with Madoff’s crimes — despite having worked at his Manhattan investment firm — and still lives in their luxury East Side penthouse, even as many of her husband’s victims are on the verge of losing their own homes.

The post notes in its piece that while “she’s going around town whining to anyone who’ll listen, she’s never shown the slightest sympathy toward the people who lost everything in her husband’s $65 billion swindle.”

Photo: NY Post

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