Chinese Tiger Mothers Needed in America

Count on somebody in America to get offended at the mention of standards and accountability.  Amy Chua’s Battle Hymm of the Tiger Mother has stirred up a firestorm of criticism from overly sensitive American parents who can’t handle the truth.  It’s sad that our country has devolved to the point where it can no longer celebrate excellence.

Ms. Chua raised her kids to be winners in lfe.  Her story is a how-to manual for parents who want to help their kids succeed.  The connection between her process and the result is obvious.  Setting high expectations for her kids and going the extra mile to help them meet those expectations became self-fulfilling prophecies.  Her kids’ phenomenal accomplishments put many parents to shame.  Her critics, who are unfortunately numerous, buy into morally-neutral philosophies that imply medocrity is okay.  Such people make me depressed about America’s future.  Blind people can’t follow road maps.

Tiger mothers know that old fashioned concepts like discipline, achievement, focus, standards, delayed gratification, and self-mastery never go out of style.  American educators and psychologists have forgotten that these traits, inculcated into American pioneers on the frontier and immigrants on the factory floor, made us into a world power.  A fetish for self-esteem has turned America into Bailout Nation.  Tiger mothers don’t ask for bailouts.

America needs a tiger mom of its own to smack it out of its anti-achievement funk.  I propose that the Administration appoint Ms. Chua as its Tiger Mom Czar to force an overhaul of Americans’ parenting styles.  She can start by abolishing student loans so that kids who want to go to college have to earn merit-based scholarships (as I did for both undergraduate and graduate school) or delay education until they’ve saved for it on their own.  The absence of such a solution leaves the door open for China’s own tiger moms to show their children how to replace us as the world’s indispensable nation.

Full disclosure:  Long FXI with covered calls.  Will go long SPY when America has a critical mass of tiger moms.

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  1. ROFL OK I’ve been a Mom since I was 20y/o, and after seeing this I was ROFL….I’m not your typical American Mother either, I was raised 100% old school strict Italian ways. And there comes a time when you wake up and realize that NOT every kid is a genius. And that most the time not just a parent drops the ball, that MOST ALL of the teachers out there for elementry schools ALL across America have HORRIBLE teachers that tell kids to do things rather then teach, and NO matter HOW much you try to teach your kid how to do a math problem or explain how science works, EVERYTIME their response is “Mama, that’s NOT how the teacher taught me, I’M NOT ALLOWED TO DO IT THAT WAY!!!” even thou its the easiest way you can learn and teach a kid how to do it, they continue to tell us the same way. So when it comes to trying to tell other parents HOW SMART your child is, or what they have accomplished, and then say its because of our parenting skills, I CALL BS! It depends on genes, and where you send that child, and its not the smartest schools, or most expensive, it’s the schools that employ teachers that care about the child that they are teaching. And to all the teachers that have tenure and been teaching forever, THAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU A GOOD TEACHER…I CALL BS ON ALL OF THE AMERICAN SCHOOLS, AND GOV’T. For once wake up and look at ONE child as an INDIVIDUAL, and not as a whole. If a child has issues with test taking rather then help them they throw them into a BASIC SKILLS CLASS, and say lets make quota, so we get more funding, rather then point out what they are having issues with…If a child is acting up and bulling, LET’S PUNISH THEM, rather then look at how their parents are with their peers, and say MAYBE we should mandate that FAMILY into counseling, AND if a child is doing AMAZING in English and HORRIBLE in Math, rather then help them with that subject, you persicute that child more so and make them think they are dumb, and bacis skills again, cause the school wants funding. OOOO and LASTLY lets give EVERY CHILD IN AMERICA THE SAME TEST TO RATE WHAT AN AVERAGE IS…Hummm, but every state uses a different system and every state has a different normal, so how does the US actually rate these children, O ya by their social standing and what they think the “norm” is in that state or area. Now I’ve lived in NJ, TX, NC, FL, PA and a few other areas, I’ve had first hand knowledge of how the system works and honestly the SYSTEM has dropped the ball each time, and everyone looks the other way. WHY? because the system is made up of people that liked books, and school, and completely college, and think that they know what is best! WHAT A JOKE….I saw this as a child and now as a parent. Now I woke cast stones ever, but honestly NOT every kid likes school, this does NOT mean they are dumb kids just don’t like order, or what not…Funny enough most these kids are the smartest kids you would meet. I didn’t finish college, but I have a higher IQ then most of the world…HOW IS THIS? I’ll tell you…if a child or young adult hates school, rather then push it on them, we shut our mouths, n throw them into basic skills. Now that that child is mentally broken thinking that they are dumb, they are also not being challenged AT ALL, more so now then before. And rather then a TEACHER HELPING THAT child they shut their mouths and eyes and say “Well at least we can keep our fundings, and really help those children that need it, o well about the ones in there that don’t!!!” You know what is even FUNNIER? A 3rd grader in a 5th or 6th grade Basic Skills Class…Wow Talk about keeping the fundings up and the numbers there! Don’t help that kid that should be in advance classes with a smaller group so they know someone cares, lets just push n pull them around so they learn to HATE school more so that they never go on to college, or do and end up hating it more because of what happened to them as a child. AND NOW let’s watch history repeat itself…WTF is wrong with this system? I’ll tell you, GET YOUR LAZY A**ES up outta that chair and away from that desk pushing numbers (or children) around to make quotas and actually care about them and see who needs something and who doesn’t and work with them at a young age so that when they get to HS they don’t stay in the BASIC skills classes, that they are actually given a chance to show us who they are, and how smart they are…Sadly enough NO ONE will read this that can ever do anything about it. NO reporter will report on how schools are screwing with the system for funding and letting the kids suffer. These schools are what they consider the “Lower than Average” schools, do you know if yo childs in one? Probably not, and sadly we continue to do nothing about it. O and for the record, MOST your MILITARY OFF BASE SCHOOLS, ARE LOADED WITH GANGS, AND SO IS THE MILITARY…way to go AMERICA in keeping our children safe while at school! TEXAS Military MIDDLE schools, having gangs and pickin on kids that look different even thou the kid looks like the “typical” american kid (I won’t get started on sterotypes here that could go on forever) but seriously what do we do to help the child getting picked on for being white with curly blonde hair? NOTHING! And why would they want to help that child? She’s not from around here and the schools need funding…and the cycle begins all over again!!!! It’s AMAZING how many ADULTS will call a child depressed because of a move and not because of the bulling happening to them at school…then when you take that kid out of that school what happens? They aren’t depressed, GO FIGURE. I could spent more of my time writing about how many faults we as PEOPLE have, not chinese or italian or american, but as a whole, in this country but it wouldn’t do any good. Until they get people into teaching that care about kids, and not about the holiday breaks to be with their kids or family, then were screwed on american education. O and why doesn’t ONE reporter report what the AVERAGE is in every state and military schools, seperate? because they would lose their jobs or be hated by people in the WRONG places. Gotta love when people double talk or change things around or never speak up in fear of what would happen…this would make you think that we live in a controlled country, not America..Not a country that gives us freedom of speech? But wait it is that country, and it still gives us that fear!!! Now you see why when I saw this I was ROFLMAO!!! Let’s see if this ever makes it where it is supposed to go, or if people will take the time to read it and think twice…probably not on both counts so I won’t hold my breathe! (O and if you think I was giving anyone credit for being strict or for their accomplishments of their child, I’M NOT, just because you are strict doesn’t mean your child is smart, give that credit to you child for not having a mental break down at a young age, and give the credit to your MONEY that paid for that child to get the help with the gifts that they were given!)

  2. PS It’s not angry Parents not wanting to hear the truth. It’s ANGRY parents that are struggling to feed their kids, and give them a decent life, and see someone Has money taking credit where credit is NOT due!

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