Giant Step Backwards Looms for Education

Here’s further proof that mainstream journalism is incapable of performing even halfway decent analysis of national problems. The Associated Press eagerly awaits education “reform” that will turn back the clock:

American parents, teachers and students would be left laboring under a burdensome set of testing guidelines and other rules that many agree are pushing standards lower instead of bringing them up.

Ahem, firm standards are precisely what’s always been missing from American secondary education.  The opposition of teachers’ unions to standards held back progress for decades until No Child Left Behind became law.

Banalities in this article abound.  Focusing on “teacher performance” is impossible without the so-called onerous standards the article deplores.  “Boosting college graduation rates” is just as meaningless.  American colleges now graduate more bachelor’s candidates than ever before in history and yet the ROI of a college degree is nearing zero thanks to federally-encouraged student debt.

Our country’s educational system needs a reset.  On that score, I agree with the critics of No Child Left Behind.  Unfortunately the educational establishment wants more of the same:  more money, more teachers, more student loans.  All of that will lead to more failure.  The real solution is to close schools, fire teachers, eliminate federal student aid, reorient most college students toward trade schools, and let the Internet deliver open courseware for free to anyone with a modicum of curiosity.

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  1. Now that the secret regarding the underlying factors of educational failure is out; maybe, we can appreciate the fact that human growth and development is just as important as staffing corporations. Once the facts are accepted, then, we are in the position to focus on designing curricula to meet human as well as corpurate needs.

    I know first hand why the college graduate cannot read or write beyond the elementary level. I also know first hand what it will take to turn that picture around.

    When I was graduated from college back in 1962, I couldn’t read or write. Luckily, I swallowed my false pride, made a public confession of my illiteracy and got the best help available at that time. Since then, I’ve learn to read and write by reading and writing.

    To turn our educational crisis around as quickly as possible adults and children will have to do alot of self-educating. Those who know must tutor. The children will teach the adults; the adults will teach the children. This business of educating cannot be left solely to the professional. I was a teacher when I confessed to my illiteracy.

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