Stocks in Play for Dec. 15: BPOP, ENER, JNPR, UTA

There many ways to see if the stock is worth buying and one of them is to see if the insiders are buying the stock. Because, this means either the executives are optimistic about the company or they are commited to make the company even better. One stock which fits into this category is Universal Travel Group (NYSE:UTA). On Thursday, December 9, the company announced that Xie Jing, CFO of Universal Travel Group Common bought 39,850 shares and the reaction in the market was immediately. Generally, if management teams have been purchasing shares, the stock should do well. From a technical standpoint, the technical chart is still showing a bull market signal as MACD is still above signal line and %K line is still on top of %D line, both indicating buy signal. In addition, the moving averages are showing bullish sign in short-term as both 20-day and 50-day moving averages are heading up. Considering all these factors, I tent to ignore the recent pull-back and I keep my bullish stand going forward. UTA is also a prime candidate for a short squeeze. There is a very high short interest in this stock. Short-term investors can buy with a stop at $6 and long-term investors can hold with a stop at $5.72. Stay tuned.

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The widespread rally in stocks this morning was enough to push Energy Conversion Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ:ENER) through resistance at $5.14. Volume was good. From a technical perspective, ENER is now in a short-term bull market with share price above 13, 20 and 50 daily moving averages. Let’s see if tomorrow the stock will confirm the breakout and continue uptrend to $5.80.

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Juniper Networks, Inc. (NYSE:JNPR) pulled back today but this pull back should not go lower than the resistance levels that were taken out. If you are feeling cautious at this point, then consider waiting for a new rally over $36.85 before initiating positions.

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Popular, Inc. (NASDAQ:BPOP) moved lower again today and this is still good for the stock at this point as some rest is needed in order to move higher. A little more consolidation here would be best before we move higher.

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