The Best Christmas Gift for the Wall Streeter in Your Life

One of my long time readers who works in the investment field, sent me a photo of a tie than one of the larger ETF houses sent his boss for Christmas. I thought at first it was photo shop, but this is an actual tie – it shows the Wall Streeters know where their bread is buttered. The hero worship of “everyone can buy a 3rd house in the Hamptons with this guy in charge” on the Street is now making Greenspan at his peak seem only demigod-like. I also hear in Manhattan the “chicks dig it” …. you can almost feel the free money being transferred from the savers to the speculator class on the fabric. (made in China I am sure)

Look, as an investment banker – after you ditch your college sweetheart ‘starter wife’ you need to signal to the 25 and under set of NYC female that you are part of the ‘best and brightest’ who front runs the Fed’s daily POMO operations (bond trading is so cool in the new paradigm!) or brought Youku public….. and what better way than a tie that screams Ben Bernanke is my god? Mmmm…. I love the smell of intra economic class wealth transfer in the morning.

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(google ‘helicopter ben bernanke’ if none of this makes sense)

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