Obama Speaks at CNBC Townhall

Agree with his policy decisions or not I will have to say Prez Obama is impressive from an intellect standpoint and ability to have some cogent analysis on economic issues; something that seemed sorely lacking by the previous guy. I only caught the last 25 minutes but this was more like candidate Obama rather than the guy who has been hanging around with Larry Summers too much the past 18 months.

While not in agreement with some of the views the ability to articulate without regurgitated talking points (or teleprompter) is nice to see,

I will post the full video if CNBC has it on the site later in the day but it can be caught tonight at 8 pm. I would suggest Obama do a similar discussion to the American people on broadcast televison channels in primetime ala Ross Perot…the last (only?) person who actually explained in depth (with those infamous pie charts) the fiscal situation of the country and how we cannot have both ever lower taxes and ever higher spending.

CNBC split the Obama 1 hour video until countless short videos unfortunately – too many to copy over.

Here are a few

1) Failing the Middle Class

2) Will Geithner & Summers Remain?

3) Deficit Spending Part I (Rick Santelli pop up)

4) Deficit Spending Part II

5) Is Wall Street Obama’s Pinata?

Disclosure: Writer believes our 2 party system is a complete sham

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  1. “Those are the things we want to reward”, Obama says. Here is the crux of the issue. Obama thinks government is the mother of us all and all the people are wards of the it. He apparently thinks the rights of the people come from the government, instead of the power of the government is coming from the people. He has a very scarey perspective.

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