Dylan Ratigan: U.S. Congress and Bank Execs Perpetrators of the Largest Fraud in American History

Dylan Ratigan’s radio interview on banking and insurance fraud has been out a few days. But in case you didn’t hear it click on the link below.

Ratigan’s Interview (30 mnts)

Dylan RatiganRatigan : “The stock market is and will remain a sideshow, a carnival, full’s game until we actually deal with the fundamental problem of a total corruption of our banking system by both our Congress and a few banking executives here on Wall Street. The tragedy is a lot of the folks on Wall Street actually even if they are not necessarily the best intentioned folks, certainly are not people that had the power, authority or capacity to do what the bank CEO’s, the Stan O’Neil(s), the Hank Paulson(s), the Lloyd Blankfein(s)…were able to do with the complicit cooperation of the U.S. Congress to perpetrate maybe the largest insurance fraud in American history by selling CDS…”

Ratigan is closer than most in his assessment. Insightful interview.

[via The Big Picture]

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