Madoff’s Delta Club Tickets on Sale on eBay

Lawyer Irving H. Picard, the trustee overseeing the liquidation of Madoff Investment Securities put a pair of tickets for Monday’s Citi Field opener on sale on eBay (EBAY) on Wednesday.

As of 5 p.m., the current bid was $800 for the tickets, seats 5-6 in the eighth row in section 11, just to the home plate side of the New York Mets’ dugout.

According to a motion filed with the bankruptcy court, Madoff’s firm bought two Delta Club Platinum ticket…for $80,190…The Mets agreed to exchange them for the Delta Club Gold Seats, which are worth $60,750.

Picard worked out a deal with the Mets, returning to the team two $695 seats in exchange for the pair being sold on eBay.

Mets owners Fred Wilpon and Saul Katz were close to Madoff and are among the swindled creditors. [via AP]

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