The [Solar] Boys are Back in Town

In a stealth move achieved under the radar, suddenly solar stocks – especially of the Chinese variety – are showing good life. This group has been a massive underachiever for 2+ years after being darlings in 2007. (a giddy man full of pomp and circumstance once told me on a message board in 2007 that coal’s days “were numbered within a few years” with the coming age of solar – I would submit China disagreed with his assessment) With these names quite dependent on subsidies from European governments (the same governments who now are in austerity mode) it is an interesting development.

Some very nice charts developing here – especially Trina Solar (TSL) and Solarfun (SOLF)…

Out of the blue today, massive volume in China Sunergy (CSUN)

Even the old dominant horse First Solar (FSLR) [American company] is beginning to shape up.

So the question here is… is this real, or just a place HAL9000 and his human parallels are making hay in for a few weeks while the general market flops around?

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