Stocks in Play for July 9 (AOB, VIT, VVUS)

I’m watching VIVUS (VVUS) again on Friday as the stock looks to be setting up for a big upside move. This stock hit a high of $11.85 today, which is resistance for Friday’s move. VVUS needs to break the channel high of $11.91 for the next upside move. I’m a buyer of the stock once this occurs. VVUS will move very quickly, so watch the stock very closely over the next few trading sessions.

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VanceInfo Technologies (VIT) – The stock was one of the few winners on today’s session, as the stock closed up $2.04 on the day. VIT broke out of a trading range as it hit a high of $26.48 on the day. This high is now resistance for the continuation move. If the market continues to move up, VIT could be a big mover. Keep a close eye on the stock for Friday.

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American Oriental Bioengineering (AOB) made a very strong reversal move with a solid upside volume. Today’s high of $2.45 is resistance for Friday’s continuation move. The technical chart shows the stock is due for a possible recovery as %K line is back above %D line showing positive momentum.

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