Does Chrysler Really Believe that America Invested in It?

ChryslerSurfing some investing sites last night, I stumbled across this ridiculously presumptuous advertisement from Chrysler. First of all, let’s review the headline. It states, “THANK YOU AMERICA for investing in Chrysler.” Unbelievable. I don’t even know where to begin. Does Chrysler really believe that America invested in it? Do they really believe that this is anything more than political pressure and wrangling in Washington? Do they honestly believe that the majority of America is seeing that advertisement and saying to themselves, “Your welcome, Bob!”

Now let’s think about the next line. It is signed with an obnoxious, Declaration of Independence styled signature from Robert Nardelli, while the typed title beneath the signature has the more attainable name of “Bob Nardelli”. What a stroke of genius to have us relate to dear old “Bob”. What an average Joe like the rest of us. Not an average Joseph, but just a plain old average Joe.

After doing a quick search on Google, I found that this ad is almost as popular as the Bush administration for hate blogging. To be fair, most of them mention the Bush administration for basically folding once again and giving Nardelli the funds to pay for this ridiculous ad campaign.

Once again, if this is what Chrysler “thinks” America wants (and the same goes for Ford and GM), then I can’t wait to see what kind of cars they start producing next…

I have attached a few choice email comments on another blog (actually the blog at Chrysler) that I thought most insightful, if not humorous:

Hey Crysler! You’re not welcome. You took my hard earned tax dollars without congressional approval. This is not the time for a “thank you.” This would be a good time for a refund…and an apology.

Posted Dec 27, 2008, 3:19 PM by RightKlik

Mr. Nardelli,
It takes a man with a whole lotta chutzpah to thank a person for investing in a company when they had zero voice in the matter.
My elected representatives decided ‘no’. The executive branch decided ‘yes’ through means that might be legal but frankly smell like rotten fish.
You may certainly get my money this way, but you will never see a dime of my money voluntarily spent on any of your products.
Brian Dunbar
Neenah, Wisconsin

Posted Dec 27, 2008, 3:20 PM by bdunbar

Mr Nardelli, Fire your PR and advertising teams and execs immediately. We the People did not want to see any more ads and money wasted on ads, be it from Chrysler, et al, or from your own pocket. You should have put up a website thanking the people and just submitted it to various online news aggregators for free. Once again, I am pained to see you are demonstrating a lack of common sense and fiscal responsibility. We supported the bailout of the car companies, even in the face of the horrendously mismanaged and secretive bailout of banks, and you stlil throw money away in the name of your company. Time to wake up. Sincerely, Matt and the rest of the Internet.

Posted Dec 27, 2008, 3:20 PM by dezmd

I have to say this ad disappointed me. First of all, do you need to spend your precious dollars on expenisve newspaper space? Second of all, it’s hard to say “America” is really responsible for granting the bridge loans. One survey said that 61% of Americans were against it. Congress was working against the will of the voters. Let me go through each of the three points: “Providing cars and trucks you want to buy, enjoy driving, and will want to buy again.” Well, I wanted to buy a Stratus in 2004. I bought it and enjoy driving it. However, I would not buy a Chrysler again beacuse the new products are lower quality and less visually appealing than their predecessors. “Delivering products with the best quality and value in our Company’s history.” Based on what I’ve seen and heard, Chrysler vehicle quality is lower than it was a few years ago. “Improving fuel economy to support Americas energy security and environmental sustainability.” Chrysler’s current full-size and compact vehicles are LESS fuel efficient than they were in 2003. Chrysler built the cars of my dreams in the 1990s but the latest models are a real let down. Chrysler does not deserve aid until it can present compelling new-generation vehicles. Putting battery packs in the current models dosen’t count.

Posted Dec 27, 2008, 3:20 PM by Mwhite

Your resignation and the resignations of senior executives who have mismanaged the business would have been much more appropriate.

Posted Dec 29, 2008, 8:03 PM by California Initiative

Dear Mr. Nardelli and the “over one million people who depend on Chrysler” – You’ve got some nerve to thank us for our forced “investment” when we didn’t want it to happen in the first place. Isn’t forced or coerced investment akin to robbery? Taking one’s money against one’s will? Hmmm . . . . The very thought that MY money is going to go to some union lackey’s pockets just makes me queasy. You should’ve filed for bankruptcy just like any other business in your position would have to. And that would’ve given you the opportunity to unshackle yourselves from the ridiculous union contracts that you signed on to. You’ve got two major issues to fix: Unions and quality products. If you’d listen to your customers and NOT the media and marketing types, you’d fix your product issues. And the unions . . . sheesh, get out of that racket! Notice the plants in the South where unions aren’t that prominent don’t have the same issues as the ones up North? Let’s see what happens when MY business tanks. Will YOU throw cash at me? I don’t think so. So, in conclusion – to hell with you and your company. Any business that would go begging to the government for a handout has no shame, and deserves to fail. File for Bankruptcy, or crumble!

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