Global Asset Class Performance Chart (Nov 9- Nov 13)

The performance chart below shows how different global financial markets performed during the past week.

REITs have been ripping higher over the past few months. And this week they are again the chart’s asset class leader. As illustrated, this particular investment — currently considered a delicate subject because there is so much research out there illustrating the deteriorating tendencies REITs could face in the years to come — dominated the performance spectrum convincingly, gaining over 6%, followed by European stocks, EMs, Naz, and Dow, 2.8%, 2.8%, 2.6%, and 2.5%, respectively. Excluding greenback’s 1.1%, and oil’s 1.4% percentage point deterioration, the rest of the investments gained.

Significant improvements on the chart’s year-over-year return basis remain evident. Junk bonds have emerged as the list’s asset class leader with nearly 53% in positive returns.

Graph: WSJ

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