Elon Musk Blasts Twitter On Twitter


Elon Musk is no stranger to social media. The founder of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), SpaceX, and a number of other startups has been tweeting up a storm for years. However, it seems that he’s not too happy with Twitter anymore. In fact, he’s thinking about creating his own social media platform.

Musk made waves on Twitter Saturday after confirming to his nearly 80 million followers that he’s “giving serious thought” to creating an open source alternative to Twitter.

Musk’s response came after a software developer asked if the Tesla CEO would consider creating a new platform where “free speech and adhering to free speech is given top priority.”

Many reacted positively to Musk’s tweet. Some users even suggested that the world’s richest man should buy Twitter and make it “an ideologically neutral platform.”

The latest set of tweets from Musk come after a series of criticism of the platform’s alleged censorship.

Musk has criticized the online micro-blogging website for “failing to adhere to free speech principles,” which he says “fundamentally undermines democracy.”

Former President Donald Trump has also questioned Twitter’s objectivity after being banned from the social networking company since Jan. 6, 2021. Trump launched his own social media platform called TRUTH Social, after he was banned from Meta Platforms (NASDAQ:FB), Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) and YouTube.

While it remains to be seen if Musk will actually follow through on this threat to Twitter’s monopoly, his announcement highlights the growing frustration with the social media giant. Twitter has come under fire in recent years for its handling of user data, its algorithm-driven content feed, its failure to crack down on harassment and abuse, and as mentioned, alleged censorship. An open-source platform could provide a much-needed alternative for users seeking a more democratic social media experience.

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