The Senate Finance Committee Rejects ‘Public Option’

The Senate Finance Committee voted 15-to-8 against creating a new government health insurance plan to create a government-run insurance program, a measure opposed by private insurers.

Five committee Democrats, including Chairman Max Baucus, joined with all 10 committee Republicans to defeat the measure by Democratic Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia who said a “public option” would have offered a competitor to private insurance companies

There are other amendments to come that would also create a government option. Sen. Chuck Schumer (D., N.Y.), has drafted a second proposal and plans to introduce it  on the Senate floor.

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1 Comment on The Senate Finance Committee Rejects ‘Public Option’

  1. Rockefeller, asked: “Who comes first, the insurance companies or the American people?”

    I guess we have our answer. The health care denial corporations get to keep screwing the American people – because we do not have a legitimate government. What we have can only be described as a corporate kleptocracy, in lieu of a government.

    I’m completely disgusted, but not surprised.

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