Why You Want TV Everywhere Now

TV Everywhere is a concept put out by TV distributors that basically says that if you pay for cable or satellite, you should be able to watch the content you want, where you want. Everywhere. To some people this is not a good idea. As is always the case, many people think tv programming should be widely available for free on the internet. Of course the content is never free. Someone has to pay to create it and we purchasers of cable and satellite services pay the subscription fees that pay the content companies and allow them to create all that content. Someone always must pay for free. Its unfortunate that there are some incredibly greedy people who think their entertainment needs should be subsidized. We aren’t talking healthcare, we are talking The Simpsons. No one in the country has the right for their Simpsons to be subsidized.

Those of us who pay for cable and/or satellite really shouldn’t care if there are people who want to “cut the cord” and discontinue paying for their programming services. Those of us who pay our bills to cable and satellite should be all over TV Everywhere because it has the potential to be a HUGE VALUE ADD . In fact, if you pay money to your cable or satellite tv provider, you should be demanding TV Everywhere be implemented quickly in your neighborhood.

Let me ask you a question. Is there any bigger hassle than trying to get the content you want to watch on to the device you want to watch it on? Try getting last nights episode of your favorite show on to your ITouch or laptop to watch on the train or plane. You cant do it unless you want to go through a huge hassle that is not worth it. Try streaming a live feed to a mobile device. Huge Hassle.

Back in the day it was ok to be forced to be tethered to our PCs in order to watch content. Watching on our PC was an incremental convenience we didn’t have before. Being limited to watching on a PC was acceptable. No longer.

The true value of TV Everywhere is not that our TV distributors will let us watch the shows we already pay for on our PC. It’s a given that they will. The true value of TV Everywhere is that they will take all the hassles out of enabling us to watch TV …..everywhere.

I want Comcast, DirecTV, Dish, Charter, etc to take the responsibility of making it easy for me to put the content I pay for on any device I want to watch it on. Ipod, Itouch, Zune, Laptop, whatever device I own that can play video, I want my provider to make it easy to happen. Now.

I want to be able to easily copy my favorite shows from my DVR to a flash drive and watch those shows from my laptop on the airplane. I want you to be able see my Itouch on the Wifi Network in my house and make it ok to move shows on to it. Then I can take it to the gym and catch up on my shows while I work out. I don’t care if you do like Rhapsody does for music subscriptions and make sure that I’m current on my bill with you. That is fair. But its your job to make sure that any content I buy from you can be moved to any device I want to watch it on.

I recognize that its a lot of software, a lot of work, a lot of investment and not necessarily easy. That’s your problem.

I want my TV Everywhere, and I want it now!

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  1. Hey so I was surfing and came across this article today. I noticed it is a little old so I wanted to share information just in case anyone else was searching for the thing. The technology is here! So I am a DISH Network employee but we do have a TV Everywhere option. It is amazing, comes in handy with all these weather delays going on at airports across the country. Check out DISH website for info on it.

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