Yeva Nersisyan

Affiliation: University of Missouri

Yeva Nersisyan is a Graduate Teaching/Research Assistant at University of Missouri-Kansas City.

Visit: Economic Perspectives

Yeva Nersisyan's Latest Articles | 4

The Myths About Government Debt and Deficit as Told By Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff

Jul 19, 2010| 1

In every culture there are a set of myths that are used to bring up future generations. In the US parents tell their children that if they don’t behave the bogeyman... Read »

The Chinese Are Coming! The Chinese Are Coming! Oh My!

Mar 28, 2010| 

One of the scare tactics in the toolbox of the deficit hawks is the argument that Chinese ownership of U.S. government bonds is dangerous, economically and politically.... Read »

Neoliberal Deficit Hysteria Strikes Again

Mar 22, 2010| 3

ADVICE TO PRESIDENT OBAMA AND PRIME MINISTER BROWN: Tell the IMF, the European Commission, and the Ratings Agencies to Take a Hike. In recent days, articles in Der... Read »

Greece Cannot Reduce Its Budget Deficit So Long As Its Neighbors Pursue Mercantilist Policy

Mar 19, 2010| 1

When the 12 European Nations raced to embrace the single currency, euro, it was supposed to be a forward step in the process of European Integration, towards the... Read »

A Progressive and Tested Policy for Job Creation

Feb 28, 2010| 1

On February 24, the Senate approved a $15 billion Jobs Bill deemed to be a legislative victory. While it might be the first truly bipartisan measure we have seen... Read »

What Caused the Budget Deficit? Not What You Think!

Feb 25, 2010| 

Despite all the conservative uproar against Obama’s stimulus plan, the largest portion of the increase in the deficit has come from automatic stabilizers and not... Read »

Time to Throw Some Water on the Deficit Hysteria Fire

Feb 18, 2010| 

Can or should the federal government balance its budget? Nowadays the only thing on everybody’s mind is the level of government deficit and national debt.... Read »

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