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  1. Hamranhansenhansen
    January 1, 2013

    What makes Apple hard to gauge for people who don’t understand the technology is that the products are so far ahead of their competition, they appear to be different kinds of products:

    • the Mac is not a PC like an HP or Dell aystem, it is the last remaining Unix workstation, that is why it represents 90% of the computer sales at $999 and up — key technology is Unix and the Mac content creation platform

    • iPad is not a media player or book reader like Kindle Fire, it is a next-generation PC, that is why it killed the PC netbook and took 30% of the PC market in only 2 years — key technology is real native C/C++ PC apps, which Kindle Fire and other Android-based tablets do not have

    • iPhone is not a phone, it is a pocket-sized PC, it runs the same real native C/C++ PC apps as iPad — other phones do not have that

    Other makers try to make their products look like Apple products to piggyback on Apple’s very high consumer desirability, but it is just a paint job — skin deep. Investors should not be fooled by this. Apple has the only Unix/content-creation platform, the only next-generation PC, and the only pocket-sized PC. That is why they continue to grow. They have totally unique technology that you can’t get anywhere else. The way the products look is a free extra. The service and support is a free extra. You are buying an iPad or iPhone for real PC apps and a Mac for workstation apps. There is no other workstation vendor anymore, and the only other PC app platform (Windows) is welded to giant Intel chips, and cannot run on iPad and iPhone -type devices, and has almost no support for touch or App Store -type app installs. There is a next-generation Windows PC platform brewing, but it is not even room temperature yet. They chose a slow transition approach with multiple hardware vendors that is going to take many years to implement, by which time iPad will be outselling Windows PC’s.

    In short, you are crazy to sell APPL. Everybody else is many years behind them, and nobody is even really trying to compete with them. Nobody else has the mission statement to just build great computing devices. Others are building ad platforms or hardware platforms or content platforms that may or may not result in a good device, and never result in a great one. Apple will be even more dominant in 2020 than now. They will have 3rd party factories in dozens of countries instead of the current 3 or 4.

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