Chart Setup of the Day: Apple

By Oct 9, 2012, 1:17 PM Author's Blog  

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) continued to flush in early trading on Tuesday. However, this was a great buying opportunity. For those that recognized the master gap fill level at $623-$624, profits were on their way. Apple flushed to $623.55 on an intra day basis. Then, just before 11AM ET, the stock made a beautiful bottoming tail on the 10 minute chart. If you had not seen the gap fill level, this was another obvious buy signal. Since Apple hit a low of $623.55, it has rallied all the way back to $637.00. An amazing reversal for an amazing stock. The profits were their for anyone who knows how to read the charts. Did you?

Chart Setup of the Day: Apple

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SPY200.40  chart-0.31  chart -0.15%
GOOG575.7399  chart+4.14  chart +0.72%
AAPL103.45  chart+0.95  chart +0.93%
TSLA283.2201  chart+13.5201  chart +5.01%
BBRY10.46  chart+0.28  chart +2.75%
NFLX477.58  chart-0.06  chart -0.01%
FB75.95  chart+1.13  chart +1.51%

Nikkei15668.6  chart+192  chart +1.24%
Shanghai2266.046  chart+30.535  chart +0.00%
UK6829.17  chart+3.86  chart +0.06%
France4378.33  chart-1.40  chart -0.03%
Germany9507.02  chart+27.989  chart +0.30%