British Pound Heads for Break

By Jul 29, 2009, 11:51 AM Author's Blog  

For the past four trading days, the British pound has been stuck in a 200 pip range against the U.S. dollar and a 115 pip range against the Euro. However the bottom of the range in both the GBP/USD and EUR/USD have been broken, leading currency traders to wonder if the larger range will be tested as well. For the GBP/USD, this would be a break of the 1.6750 or 1.60 level and for EUR/GBP, the levels to watch are 85 and 87 cents.

Despite the 1 percent drop in the EUR/USD today, the GBP/USD has been relatively unchanged. One month GBP/USD volatilities have fallen to the lowest level since September 2008. Such a sharp contraction in volatility usually suggests that a breakout is imminent. The only question is, in which direction. Here are some sound arguments in favor of an upside or downside breakout.

Arguments for upside breakout in GBP/USD

  • Housing market continues to show signs of stabilization, house prices rise for first time in 2009
  • Break of 86 cents in EUR/GBP could lead to GBP buying
  • Ascending triangle formation
  • Moving averages are in “perfect order” which favor a new uptrend

Arguments for downside breakout in GBP/USD

  • Risk appetite is waning, which could drag all of the higher yielding currencies lower
  • U.K. Banks could be set for losses as clock ticks on GBP300bn commercial property loans
  • Q2 GDP was very weak
  • Risk of Bank of England increasing asset purchase program
  • GBP/USD breaks 4 day low

Given the arguments, we believe that the chances of a downside breakout is greater than an upside one. Based upon the following chart, a break of near term support should come soon at which point, the next level or support or resistance would be the highs and lows of the past 2 months.

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SPY207.4475  chart-1.9025  chart -0.91%
GOOG691.02  chart-14.82  chart -2.10%
AAPL94.83  chart-2.99  chart -3.06%
TSLA247.71  chart-3.76  chart -1.50%
TWTR14.64  chart-0.22  chart -1.48%
BBRY7.17  chart-0.11  chart -1.51%
NFLX90.28  chart-0.76  chart -0.83%
FB116.73  chart+7.84  chart +7.20%

Nikkei16666.05  chart-624.44  chart -3.61%
UK6284.71  chart-37.69  chart -0.60%
France4487.61  chart-69.75  chart -1.53%
Germany10209.32  chart-111.83  chart -1.08%

EUR / USD1.1391  chart+0.0039  chart +0.34%
GBP / USD1.4599  chart-0.0005  chart -0.03%
CAD / USD0.7997  chart+0.0030  chart +0.38%
AUD / USD0.7635  chart+0.0005  chart +0.07%

Gold Fut1102.80  chart-5.30  chart -0.48%
Oil Fut48.74  chart+0.28  chart +0.58%