Trade Ideas: AAPL, AL, HERO

The daily technical chart shows an up trend for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) and the price has been well supported by the 200-day SMA over the past 3 months. The daily MACD lines, MACD-histogram, 10-day SMA and stochastics are all rising. In addition, the stock broke its 50-day moving average and could break 396.41 next on its way to a target of 404 to 409 if the market continues with its recovery. These factors support a bullish move.

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Air Lease Corp (NYSE:AL) looks like is close to attempting a breakout. This strength is confirmed by price movement as well as two momentum indicators. MACD and RSI show buy signal as MACD is above signal line and RSI above its 50% level. The stock has held its 50-day MA as support and is displaying a screaming buy divergence on the upside. AL is also slowly under accumulation based on the OBV indicator. I think the market is waiting for fresh news to define the trend, however if the stock breaks above $23.75, then that is a bullish sign as higher prices.

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Hercules Offshore, Inc.(NASDAQ:HERO) caught my attention yesterday. The signal to buy was given yesterday when the previous day high at $4.23 was taken out. This breakout suggests a possible move to $4.50. Technical indicators such as KD also show buy signal as %K line has just crossed on top over %D line. Although the stock didn’t perform well this month, we start to see now some signals of rebound as the technical chart shows positive momentum is back. Stay tuned !!

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