A Way Out Of the Budget Impasse

By Jul 13, 2011, 12:44 PM Author's Blog  

In a column posted today on Bloomberg Views I suggested a way to resolve the budget impasse. It starts with the fact that about $6 trillion in deficit reduction is needed over 10 years to get to balanced budget.The proposal is that the President and the Congress agree now to $2.5 trillion spending growth reductions and increase the debt limit by the same amount. The question about how to close the remaining $3.5 trillion gap–tax increases or more spending reductions–is then left to debate next year as part of the 2012 election.

This chart–which I have used before–shows the feasibility of the idea. In a speech on April 13 President Obama already suggested about $2 trillion in spending growth reductions. So we are almost there.

A Way Out Of the Budget Impasse

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One Comment

  1. blue magic says:

    obama doesn’t realize that any dept. ceiling increase regardless how large will be short term. america is burnin through so much cash so fast that u can’t really can’t print or borrow it fast enough.treasury will burn through 2-3 trillion in a year maybe two


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