CFR: Household-to-Gdp Motion Chart

By Jul 3, 2009, 2:19 PM Author's Blog  

CFR’s Brad Setser presents in the following clip four Google motion graphs. Each chart tracks a statistical trend that will help provide some insight into the origins of the current financial crisis.

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CFR: Household to Gdp Motion Chart

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SPY212.99  chart-0.51  chart -0.24%
GOOG540.11  chart-2.40  chart -0.44%
AAPL132.54  chart+1.15  chart +0.88%
TSLA247.73  chart+2.11  chart +0.86%
TWTR36.60  chart-0.08  chart -0.22%
BBRY10.48  chart+0.21  chart +2.04%
NFLX621.87  chart-1.15  chart -0.18%
FB80.54  chart+0.06  chart +0.07%

Nikkei20413.77  chart+149.36  chart +0.74%
UK7031.72  chart+18.25  chart +0.26%
France5117.17  chart-25.72  chart -0.50%
Germany11815.01  chart-49.58  chart -0.42%

EUR / USD1.0978  chart+0.0001  chart +0.01%
GBP / USD1.5470  chart-0.0001  chart -0.01%
CAD / USD0.8122  chart-0.0011  chart -0.14%
AUD / USD0.7826  chart+0.0012  chart +0.15%