CFR: Household-to-Gdp Motion Chart

By Jul 3, 2009, 2:19 PM Author's Blog  

CFR’s Brad Setser presents in the following clip four Google motion graphs. Each chart tracks a statistical trend that will help provide some insight into the origins of the current financial crisis.

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CFR: Household to Gdp Motion Chart

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SPY195.04  chart+0.11  chart +0.06%
GOOG538.60  chart-5.38  chart -0.99%
AAPL104.85  chart+0.02  chart +0.02%
TSLA234.99  chart-0.30  chart -0.13%
BBRY10.37  chart+0.06  chart +0.58%
NFLX384.80  chart+1.76  chart +0.46%
FB79.47  chart-0.57  chart -0.71%

Nikkei15291.64  chart+152.68  chart +1.01%
Shanghai2302.28  chart-0.138  chart +0.00%
UK6381.01  chart-38.14  chart -0.59%
France4129.78  chart-27.90  chart -0.67%
Germany8977.32  chart-69.989  chart -0.77%