Trade Ideas for Tomorrow: NVTL, REE, RMBS, VMW

I continue to watch Rare Element Res Ltd (AMEX:REE). The volume is still large so it could potentially break out again at any moment. Further rally could be seen to retest $17.89 medium-term resistance. As long as the stock stay above $14.96 area, the bullish scenario is still intact. Technical chart shows bullish sign with MACD above the signal line and RSI above its 50% level. Next targets for the stock are $16.10 and $17.10. Only a close below $14.70 reverses the current short-term uptrend.

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VMware, Inc. (NYSE:VMW) continues to hang in there after breaking up through $82.50 on Friday. Excellent strength relative to broad market. The stock has been strong buy volume the past two sessions. I would be a buyer of the stock if it breaks $87.82.

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Novatel Wireless, Inc. (NASDAQ:NVTL) – Steep downtrend and trying to bottom. Look for a move above $5.25 to get involved on long side. If not, stop out below $5. The volume has been very light but it is still a bearish signal.

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Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS) continues to trade in a tight range between $19.29-$19.75. The near-term outlook would depend on the price movement in the next few days. A close above $19.75 would impart bullishness and would help the stock move to the $20-$20.62 band. A drop below $19.29 would have negative implications that would push the stock down to the $19.07-$18.82 range. Fresh exposures may be considered once the stock stabilises and gets into an upward trending mode.

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