Something Wrong In Apple City

By Mar 30, 2011, 12:24 PM Author's Blog  

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) is weak for the second day in a row. Not only is the lack of strength significant, but add to it a market rally both days and the weakness in Apple is even more glaring. With the markets spiking higher, Apple is trading at $348.89, -2.07 (-0.59%). This is significant for many reasons but mostly because Apple Inc. has been a leader in the market. With the markets now surging back towards the 52 week highs, Apple can barely catch a bid. I wrote about this a week ago and it continues to be dead on. Steve Jobs has left, competitors are closing in and Apple has gotten too big to sustain its amazing growth.

Something Wrong In Apple City

Chart provided by: RealTick LLC

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SPY200.62  chart-0.09  chart -0.04%
GOOG573.55  chart+1.95  chart +0.34%
AAPL102.9699  chart+0.4699  chart +0.46%
TSLA276.5742  chart+6.8742  chart +2.55%
BBRY10.25  chart+0.07  chart +0.69%
NFLX476.94  chart-0.70  chart -0.15%
FB75.24  chart+0.42  chart +0.56%

Nikkei15668.6  chart+192  chart +1.24%
Shanghai2266.046  chart+30.535  chart +0.00%
UK6817.82  chart-7.49  chart -0.11%
France4379.23  chart-0.50  chart -0.01%
Germany9503.76  chart+24.729  chart +0.26%