Teachers in CA Receive More in Retirement Than Active Teachers in More Than Half of U.S. States

By Mar 30, 2011, 10:23 AM Author's Blog  

According to the California State Teachers’ Retirement System 2010 Summary Report to Members, the average retired California public school teacher receives an annual pension of $51,072 (see chart above). According to Department of Education data, that’s more in retirement pay than the average current salary for active elementary and secondary public school teachers in 28 states, and almost as much as the national average for active public school teachers of $55,350.

And if you take out the top three highest states for public school salaries (New York at $71,470, California at $70,458 and Massachusetts at $68,000), the average retired California teacher receives an annual pension that is the same as the average salary for teachers in 47 states. And compared to teachers in the lowest paid state of South Dakota (average salary of $35,136), California teachers make 45% more in retirement than South Dakota teachers earn on average while teaching.

Thanks to Steve Bartin for the links to Intercepts.

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