USO Catches A Bid

By Feb 18, 2011, 9:49 AM Author's Blog  

United States Oil Fund (NYSE:USO) is trading higher this morning by 0.40 cents. The highly popular USO found good daily chart support around the $35.50 area. The USO has bounced from that daily chart support level. This morning short term scalp traders should watch the $36.50 level as some minor intra-day resistance. The next intra-day resistance area for the USO will be around the $36.75 level.

Most leading energy stocks are trading slightly lower. Stocks such as Exxon Mobil Corp. (NYSE:XOM), and ConocoPhillips (NYSE:COP) are two of the major integrated energy stocks that are under some slight selling pressure this morning. It is important to note that these two leading energy stocks have lead the markets higher recently and still remain very strong on the daily charts.

USO Catches A Bid

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SPY198.40  chart+0.61  chart +0.31%
GOOG633.51  chart-11.93  chart -1.85%
AAPL109.87  chart-1.44  chart -1.29%
TSLA232.00  chart-9.46  chart -3.92%
TWTR29.001  chart+1.381  chart +5.00%
BBRY6.955  chart+0.170  chart +2.51%
NFLX107.74  chart-0.59  chart -0.54%
FB91.84  chart-0.96  chart -1.03%

Nikkei18322.98  chart+136.88  chart +0.75%
UK6336.35  chart+10.19  chart +0.16%
France4667.34  chart+6.70  chart +0.14%
Germany9970.40  chart+67.57  chart +0.68%

EUR / USD1.1249  chart-0.0021  chart -0.19%
GBP / USD1.5321  chart+0.0090  chart +0.59%
CAD / USD0.7670  chart-0.0002  chart -0.03%
AUD / USD0.7218  chart+0.0057  chart +0.80%

Gold Fut1133.20  chart+1.20  chart +0.11%
Oil Fut40.94  chart-0.20  chart -0.49%