Ex-Dividend Stocks for Wednesday, January 19

The following 21 stocks list tomorrow as their ex-dividend date.

APAApache Corporation0.12%$125.630.1500
BUSEFirst Busey Corporation0.82%$4.870.0400
CBRLCracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.0.41%$53.880.2200
CMTLComtech Telecomm. Corp.0.89%$28.210.2500
CODICompass Diversified Holdings1.84%$18.500.3400
CVSCVS Caremark Corporation0.36%$35.080.1250
CWHCommonWealth REIT1.92%$26.010.5000
CYCCPCyclacel Pharma, Inc. – 6% Convertible Preferred Stock3.99%$3.760.1500
ENIEnersis S.A. (ADR)0.77%$21.310.1634
FRDFriedman Industries1.21%$9.080.1100
GAINGladstone Investment Corporation0.50%$7.960.0400
GOODGladstone Commercial Corporation0.64%$19.480.1250
HRLHormel Foods Corporation0.51%$50.380.2550
IHTInnSuites Hospitality Trust0.73%$1.370.0100
LTCLTC Properties, Inc.0.50%$27.810.1400
NHTBNew Hampshire Thrift Bancshares, Inc.1.02%$12.730.1300
PGThe Procter & Gamble Company0.74%$65.530.4818
PKIPerkinElmer, Inc.0.27%$25.540.0700
RASRAIT Financial Trust1.00%$3.000.0300
RBNRobbins & Myers, Inc.0.11%$41.940.0450
REXIResource America, Inc.0.42%$7.090.0300

All statistics are current as of 12:01 AM today. Yields are not annualized.

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