Apple Exceeds $300 Billion In Market Capitalization

By Jan 3, 2011, 2:32 PM Author's Blog  

Earlier today shares of  Apple (AAPL) traded at over $330.00 per share bringing the company’s total Market Capitalization value to more than $300 billion. Shares of AAPL are currently up $7.28, or 2.26%, to $329.87, which gives Apple Inc. a market value of $302.34 billion. The security’s new 52-week high price of $330.20, printed earlier today, currently generates a market cap at $302.5 billion.

Apple Inc. is the second U.S. co. in terms of market cap trailing Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM). The petroleum company has at $74.67 p/sh a Market Capitalization value of about $376.98 billion.

Apple shares, which are now up 50.72% since the start of last year, trade at a trailing P/E of 21.76, a forward multiple of 14.65 and a P/E to Growth ratio of 0.84. More than 10 million AAPL shares have already traded hands compared to a daily average of around 16.1 million. The median Wall Street price target on the stock is $375.00 with a high target of $500.00

Apple Exceeds $300 Billion In Market Capitalization

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