Stocks in Play for June 10 (ABK, HEB, MOT, YGE)

Motorola (MOT) options have been very active in the last sessions. In particular, there has been heavy activity in call options at a $7 strike price, than there is in put options, which leads me to believe that we will see a possible rebound in the stock price to near its 50-day moving average. The stock price rose $0.02 (+0.3%) to $6.68 in today’s trading session. After the bell, the company said is seeing strong demand for its Droid phone at Verizon Wireless despite the popularity of rival HTC Corp’s Droid Incredible. Jha told reporters after an Executives Club presentation in Chicago that Motorola is suffering from industry wide supply chain constraints similar to those HTC is seeing for its Droid Incredible phone. Verizon Wireless, a venture of Verizon Communications Inc and Vodafone Group Plc, said last month it was having a hard time keeping up with supply of the Droid Incredible because of a shortage of screens from Samsung Electronics. “(Droid) sales are going extremely well. If I could build more I’d sell more,” Jha said without discussing which components were in short supply. I like Motorola for a longer term. Looking at the technical chart ROC is at oversold level, this would be a great time to buy the stock for investors who want to gain maximum profit.

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Hemispherx BioPharma (HEB) dropped by 1.76% and closed at $0.5906 with total traded volume of 438.432 shares. From a technical perspective, it looks like a falling wedge has been formed and the chart is close to breakout soon. At this point, we have a higher change of going up than down. Some positive divergence starting to show in the chart. HEB could be back to bull market rally again as %K line is about to be back above %D line.

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Yingli Green Energy Hold. Co. (YGE) moved up by 1.73% and closed at $8.81 with overall trading volume of 4.233.731 shares. The stock continues to base and surged on good volume today. Look for a move above 9.46 for a bullish trigger. Most of its short-term technical indicators are improving. Although the moving averages are still showing weakness as 50-day moving average is below 200-day moving average, positive momentum seems to be back as the stock is back above 5-day moving average. In addition, upside volume is starting to pick up. A move above $9.46 opens the door to $10.

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Ambac Financial Group (ABK) continues to fall since April 13th and a move to the March lows looks inevitable.

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Bearish MACD Crossovers

AAPL – Apple, Inc. MLNX – Mellanox Technologies Ltd.
ALSK – Alaska Communications Systems NEOG – Neogen Corp.
AVNA – Advance Nanotech Inc. NVLS – Novellus Systems, Inc.
BPWRF – Balaton Power Inc. PVSP – Pervasip Corp.
CAVM – Cavium Networks Inc. RBI – Sport Supply Group Inc.
CEMI – Chembio Diagnostics Inc. RLRN – Renaissance Learning, Inc.
DUSA – DUSA Pharmaceuticals, Inc. SAPE – Sapient Corp.
ECNG – EnergyConnect Group, Inc. SCRA – SecureAlert, Inc.
ENTR – Entropic Communications Inc. SLTZ – Solar Thin Films, Inc.
GEOY – GeoEye Inc. SMMX – Symyx Technologies, Inc.
IGTE – iGate Capital Corp. SQNM – Sequenom, Inc.
IMUC – Immunocellular Therapeutics Ltd. SYMX – Synthesis Energy Systems, Inc.
IXYS – IXYS Corp. VTRO – Vertro, Inc.
LMNX – Luminex Corp.


Improving Chaikin Money Flow

ADMP – Adamis Pharmaceuticals KSWS – K-Swiss, Inc.
ARYC – Arrayit Corp. MDSO – Medidata Solutions Inc.
BBND – BigBand Networks Inc. PONE – Protection One, Inc.
CNVO – Convio, Inc. QKLS – QKL Stores, Inc.
DKAM – Drinks Americas Holdings SNVP – Savoy Energy Corp.
GDTI – Guardian Technologies TXCC – TranSwitch Corp.
GMET – GeoMet Inc. VLCO – Valcom
IDIX – Idenix Pharmaceuticals Inc. VUOC – Vu1 Corp.
IGOI – iGo Inc. XTEX – Crosstex Energy GP, L.P.


Declining Chaikin Money Flow

ACMR – A.C. Moore Arts & Crafts HAYN – Haynes International
AGRT – AGR Tools HBHC – Hancock Holding Co.
ALIM – Alimera Sciences HPJ – Hong Kong Highpower Technology
ALTE – Alterra Capital Holdings HTHT – China Lodging Group Ltd.
ANAD – ANADIGICS, Inc. KVHI – KVH Industries, Inc.
APPA – AP Pharma, Inc. MCGI – MedCareers Group, Inc.
ARGN – Amerigon, Inc. MEMS – Memsic Inc.
ARII – American Railcar Industries MHYS – Mass Hysteria Entertainment Co.
ARNA – Arena Pharmaceuticals MSEX – Middlesex Water Co.
BIOF – BioFuel Energy Corp. NEXS – Nexxus Lighting, Inc.
BKPG – Bark Group, Inc. NPHC – Nutra Pharma Corp.
BKTK – Black Tusk Minerals Inc. NVAX – Novavax, Inc.
BLDR – Builders FirstSource, Inc. NWK – Network Equipment Technology
BLTA – Baltia Airlines Inc. OREX – Orexigen Therapeutics, Inc.
BNTNF – Bontan Corp. Inc. PHIE – Providential Holdings, Inc.
BPFH – Boston Private Financial Holdings PLXT – PLX Technology, Inc.
BRKS – Brooks – PRI Automation, Inc. PSEC – Prospect Capital Corp.
CABN – Carbon Sciences, Inc. PSEM – Pericom Semiconductor Corp.
CAMH – Cambridge Heart, Inc. SABA – Saba Software, Inc.
CDZI – Cadiz Inc. SHOR – ShoreTel, Inc.
CENX – Century Aluminum Co. SOEN – Solar Enertech Corp.
CKSW – ClickSoftware Technologies Ltd. SUNH – Sun Healthcare Group Inc.
CMLS – Cumulus Media, Inc. SUPX – Supertex, Inc.
COCO – Corinthian Colleges, Inc. SUTR – Sutor Technology Group Ltd.
COMV – Comverge Inc. THLD – Threshold Pharmaceuticals
CSNT – Crescent Banking Co. TINY – Harris & Harris Group, Inc.
CYCA – Cytta Corp. TSTC – Telestone Technologies Corp.
YNO – Cynosure, Inc. TTIL – TTI Team Telecom Intl Ltd.
CYPB – Cypress Bioscience, Inc. ULBI – Ultralife Batteries, Inc.
DCTH – Delcath Systems, Inc. VDSI – VASCO Data Security Intl, Inc.
DEPO – DepoMed, Inc. WBSN – Websense, Inc.
DTSI – DTS, Inc. WIBC – Wilshire State Bank
EFII – Electronics for Imaging, Inc. WMAR – West Marine, Inc.
GAME – Shanda Games Ltd. XRAY – DENTSPLY Intl Inc.
GOOG – Google, Inc.


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