World Stock Market Performance in the Last Six Months

By Sep 12, 2009, 11:34 PM Author's Blog  

The U.S. stock market had its best six months since 1933 with the S&P’s 500-stock index gaining more than 50% from March 9 to Sept. 9.

As this NYT graph shows, when compared to other major stock indexes, the U.S. market was one of the least volatile markets in the world. We did better than most on the way down, but worse than most on the way back up. Looking at the graph however, this cycle has done little to reinforce the international diversification approach to investing as a safe notion and strategy. As you can see from the numbers, balancing the risks of investing in any one market would have been quite ineffective.

World Stock Market Performance in the Last Six Months

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SPY201.14  chart+1.73  chart +0.87%
GOOG639.638  chart-2.722  chart -0.42%
AAPL109.46  chart-1.32  chart -1.19%
TSLA226.5931  chart-5.3669  chart -2.31%
TWTR30.43  chart+0.60  chart +2.01%
BBRY7.29  chart+0.13  chart +1.82%
NFLX114.8099  chart+6.7099  chart +6.21%
FB92.5428  chart+0.1428  chart +0.15%

Nikkei18141.17  chart-181.81  chart -0.99%
UK6374.82  chart+38.47  chart +0.61%
France4675.91  chart+8.57  chart +0.18%
Germany9993.07  chart+22.67  chart +0.23%

EUR / USD1.1275  chart+0.0039  chart +0.35%
GBP / USD1.5353  chart+0.0036  chart +0.24%
CAD / USD0.7684  chart+0.0033  chart +0.43%
AUD / USD0.7260  chart+0.0055  chart +0.76%

Gold Fut1133.20  chart+1.20  chart +0.11%
Oil Fut40.94  chart-0.20  chart -0.49%